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Sunshine Coast Bike Route

What is the Sunshine Coast Bike Route?

The Sunshine Coast Bike Route (SCBR) is a TraC project in partnership with the Sunshine Coast Tourism Association, local government, the Powell River Cycling Association and the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. The SC Bike Route is a designated bike-touring route linking the entire Sunshine Coast from Langdale to Powell River. It has been designed to draw more cycle tourists to the region, while also serving the needs of local cyclists. The more pedals on the road, the stronger the case for investment in bike lanes! 

Download the app

The Sunshine Coast Bike route app is available for iPhone and contains everything cyclists need to enjoy a ride on the Coast: direct and scenic route options, hill profiles, restaurants and craft breweries and other sites of interest. Cyclists coming off the Langdale ferry are also greeted by a large Sunshine Coast Bike Route sign located in the overflow parking lot. The sign includes an overview map, directions on downloading the app, and custom made iron artwork.


Local cycling tips

Check out these local cycling tips


TraC would like to thank the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation, Sunshine Coast Conservation Association, Sunshine Coast Cycling Association, BC Ferries, MOTI, TrailMapps, Phitted Designs, Beth Hawthorn Design, Tree Studios and countless volunteers for their time,

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