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Who you gonna call???

Active transportation routes on the Sunshine Coast are a maze of jurisdictional responsibility. If you have a safety or other concern here’s a primer on where to direct it.

  1. Not sure where the boundaries are? Check out the map below. This detailed map can also help.

  2. In Gibsons, road and path works are undertaken by the Town of Gibsons Public Works and Parks Departments: 604-886-2274  (unless it’s on the “Highway” which is MOTI-see below) or

  3. In Sechelt, road and path works (other than on Sunshine Coast Hwy 101) are the responsibility of the District of Sechelt Public Works Department 604-885-1986 or

  4. On shíshalh/SIGD lands, Public Works can be reached at 604-740-5600.

  5. Roads not in these municipalities but within the Sunshine Coast Regional Districts’ five rural areas are the responsibility of the Provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI), (not the SCRD). The Ministry has a contract with Capilano Highway Services for their upkeep. This includes all of Hwy 101 and all other rural roads on the Coast. 

  6. There is currently no MOTI contact for the Sunshine Coast. Stay tuned for updates.

  7. Capilano Highway Services staff can be reached at 604-740-0667  or or on Twitter @CapHwy.

  8. The SCRD has licence on some road allowances for trail building, call the SCRD Parks Department at 604-885-6802. 

  9. Forest Service Roads are the purview of FLNRORD’s Sunshine Coast Natural Resource District (Powell River) (604)-485-0700 or

  10. Of course political policy advocacy should be directed towards the appropriate elected representatives as well. (eg. our MLA for Provincial Ministry matters). TraC is always happy to be cc’d on such correspondence: 

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